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ICC News Item #1533

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New 5-minute rating category and Prize Event! has implemented a new rating called the "5-minute"
rating.  The time control for games in this category is 5 0.  What
makes this rating different is the way in which you select your
opponent: You can't.  The command "5-minute" puts you into a pool of
players who want to play games in this category, and the system
automatically selects an opponent near your rating.  (For more details
on the selection criteria, read help 5-minute.  This new rating has
no effect on the blitz rating, or any other rating.)

We believe that this rating will be more accurate than ICC's current
blitz rating.  The system removes much of the flexibility that people
have used to manipulate their ratings on ICC, and is closer to
simulating what happens in tournament play, where you can't select
your opponent or time control.

We expect that ICC's 5-minute rating will quickly become the world's
most accurate on-line rating.  And it will eventually be one of the
world's most respected metrics of chess strength!

To kick off the system, we're running a special tournament!  Prizes
will be awarded to the highest rated active players in this category
at 3:00pm ICC time on Sunday September 2, 2001.  You can follow the
standings of this tournament by typing "best" at any time.

   $200 for the highest player on the 5-minute best list
   $100 for the 2nd highest
   2 year membership extension for the highest rated paid account
   1 year membership extension for the 2nd highest rated paid account

A few more details: Computers cannot play 5-minute.  Noplay lists,
censor lists, and formulas have no effect on the pairing.  Noescape is
in effect on these games.  (I.e. 5-minute games are not adjourned when
one player disconnects, although games can be adjourned or aborted by
mutual agreement.)  Players with high lag are not allowed to enter the
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