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ICC News Item #1530

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Bookup Special for ICC members only!

Software that points out the novelty in your most recent ICC game -
and offers computer analysis - is available at a discount to you
because you are a member of the Internet Chess Club.

You can buy this incredible companion to Blitzin and download it
immediately from:


The BlitzIn log file of your games be "watched" by Bookup Express.  As
you finish each game, it is moved to your favorite game database
(ChessBase, Chess Assistant, Bookup, etc.) and then your repertoire
book is opened at the point where you or your opponent played a

The moment you complete a game on the ICC, the Bookup Express program
does these tasks for you:

1) Your game is moved from the BlitzIn log to your favorite PGN file
   which can be read by Fritz, ChessBase, Bookup, ECTool and many
   other PGN-compatible programs.

2) Your BlitzIn log file is then emptied, ready for your next game(s).

3) Your game is imported into your repertoire book, with the option of
   adding your White and Black games to separate books.

4) Bookup opens your repertoire book and takes you directly to the
   novelty - where you or your opponent played a new move.  Often this
   is an instant chess lesson, improving your play in your very next

At this point you can get an opinion from Crafty (built-in to Bookup),
add Rich Text comments, and you can even have Bookup 2000 Express test
you on the knowledge in your repertoire with its exclusive training

In short, Bookup 2000 Express does the housekeeping you'd normally do
manually with your game database and it makes it nearly effortless to
learn something new from every single game you play on the ICC, the
moment you finish.

Other features in the Bookup 2000 Express package include:

  - Uses Winboard-compatible engines (Crafty 17.9 included).
  - Sorts PGN files by player names, move order, date, result, etc.
  - High speed searches of all your PGN files - simultaneously.
  - Shows game statistics for current position.
  - Reads Bookup format books-on-disk.
  - Imports annotated PGN game files into positional trees.
  - Massive Windows help file.
  - Prints diagrams with included font.
  - And MUCH, MUCH more!!!

Plus you get email technical support for all of your questions
directly from the Bookup programmer.  (You won't get that with other
major database programs costing ten times as much.)

And now, specially for ICC members, get over 20% OFF the standard
Bookup 2000 Express price of $29.

ICC Members only:
2000 Express for only $23!

No shipping charge because you download your new software immediately.

Go now to: and order using
Bookup's secure online ordering system and you'll have your new
software installed and running in minutes.
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