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ICC News Item #1528

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flinkfinger wins the June 2001 5 0 Championship

flinkfinger scored 8.5/11 in the Finals of the June 
5 0 Championship to capture the title of 5 0 Champion.
The second and third place finishers, Malibu and rosarino2 were a
mere 1 point behind flinkfinger.  The average rating for this event 
was 2428. Congratulations to flinkfinger!!  To see the grid, when
on ICC type:  "tell littleper grid 119608".

tasmor scored 6.5/8 to claim the Under 2000 5 0 Champion honor from 23 
other participants. To see the grid of this event, type: "tell Cooly 
grid 118855".  

In the Under 1600 Class Finals, GRINDIO scored 7.5/8 to take the Under 
1600 5 0 Champion honors from 25 other participants.  To see the grid 
of the U1600 Class Finals, type:  "tell LittlePer grid 118853"

For details on the next Championship event, finger Championship on
ICC or visit the Championship web site at: 

Present and past Champions, rules and schedules may be found on the 
web site.
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