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ICC News Item #1525

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Live Broadcasts from Florida July 14 and 15.

American powerhouse GM John Fedorowicz battles rising star IM Eugene 
Perelshteyn this weekend in a 4-game match broadcast live from Gainesville, 
Florida.  In addition, FM Marcel Martinez will take on WIM Jennifer
Shahade and 10 year old Alex Dementiev will challenge 11 year old
Daniel Ludwig.  All 4 games of all 3 matches will be relayed live to
the ICC. The round times are: 10am and 2pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For updated round standings, finger Florida2001

GM John Fedorowicz is two-time captain and member of the US Olympiad
Team.  He has won the US Junior Championship twice, the World Open
four times, and the New York Open.  "The Fed" is an extremely popular
chess personality.

IM Eugene Perelshteyn is the reigning US Junior Champion.  He is
captain of the University of Maryland at Baltimore County chess team
- the top team in the Americas 3 of the last 4 years.  He plans to
take two years off from school to pursue the title of Grandmaster

FM Marcel Martinez is the 1998 National High School Champion and
1999 US Junior Champion.

WIM Jennifer Shahade is the 1998 US Junior Open Champion and finished
second and third respectively in the 1999 and 2000 US Women's

10 year old Alex Dementiev is rated 1746 and won the 2000 US
Kindergarten-5th grade Championship.

11 year old Daniel Ludwig is the current US 5th grade Champion and
holds a rating of 1825.
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