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ICC News Item #1523

NEWS 1523 (9-Jul-01)Next Previous and Borovnia present - Blitz Grand Slam 4 0 Elimination

$250 in guaranteed prizes!!

On FRIDAY the 13th of July, at 5pm, will be hosting the
largest single game Elimination (knock out) style blitz tourney ever held
Live on the Internet.  256 players are expected to participate, with
an extra qualifying round, should that number be exceeded.

There is no entry fee! Just be there in ample time prior to the start time
of 5 pm server time, and type: "tell cooly join".

There will be prizes for over 25% of the participants! See the detailed
chart below, for the structure. One prize only per person.

In ICC online Elimination tournaments, some special rules apply. Please
type "tell tomato help elimination". Also help tomato for more on ICC
tourneys.  The gist is that Black has draw odds, unless White is rated
200 points lower.

In claiming limited rating class prizes, several special rules apply:

(a) Best blitz rating must be less than 200 points above current blitz
rating. Also no current tomato floor of any rating can be in place.
(b) Tomato implemented tiebreak rules will break deadlocks.
Elimination tourney tiebreak rules, are based on how far
the player who beat you advances, and so forth.
(c) Minimum 100 games played on ICC, 50 of them Blitz.

Assistance from another account, or computer aided play, will NOT be
tolerated under any circumstance, and is grounds for serious sanctions.

Free Trials MAY join, but will NOT be eligible for a prize, unless that
account becomes a paid registered account within a week.

Latest version of Blitzin (2.31, or 2.32) must be used.

Exempt accounts, such as GMs, may have their prize converted to chekels or

Main draw regular prizes are entirely based on rounds attained.

Estimated prize structure: *
  Players       Round          Prize (ICC Extension)
128 losers      1st round      none
64 losers       2nd round      none **
32 losers       3rd round      one week
16 losers       4th round      half month
8 losers        5th round      one month
4 losers        6th round      two months
2 semi-finalists               three months
1 finalist                     four months
1 winner            six months + unclaimed prizes = one year ($50) *

Class Prizes:
 u2000 4.5 months (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th - 2, 1, 1, 0.5 month ICC exts.)
 u1800 3.5 months (1st, 2nd, 3rd - 2, 1, 0.5 month ICC exts.)
 u1500 2.5 months (1st, 2nd, 3rd - 2, 1, 0.5 month ICC exts.)
 u1200 2.0 months (1st, 2nd - 1, 1 month ICC exts.)

*Awarding Rating Class Prizes will leave approximately 4-6 months in
unclaimed prizes from the main draw. These are recycled to the Grand Slam
winner, who will receive a guaranteed $50 valued prize.
**64 players are guaranteed prizes. However, it is estimated that 70 players
will win a prize.

Everyone is urged to come play! There will be Titled players, trying to win
ICC's first ever Grand Slam style event. There will be players fighting for
favourable tiebreaks to win u1200 prizes, even if not advancing past 1st or
2nd round! Whether it's for a chance to see how far you can advance, or a
chance to meet Titled players in an elite tourney, there is something for

See you there, on Friday the 13th!... Before 5 p.m. server time. And
incidentally, offer congratulations to your Grand Slam's manager, Borovnia,
on 1500 Tomato tourneys managed.

finger BlitzGrandSlam for detailed rules, disclaimers, and contact info.
All players please study these carefully.
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