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ICC News Item #1519

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Play Shatranj on ICC! Wild 28. now offers Shatranj!  Play chess the way it was
before the year 1500!  Instead of Bishops, you have Elephants.
And instead of the Queen, you have a General.  There is no
castling, and pawns can only move one square on the first move.

For all the details of the rules, you can do help Shatranj.
And for more about the history of Shatranj, you can do
help Shatranj2.

Shatranj is wild 28, so to start a game of Shatranj with someone,
you would do "match someone 10 10 w28" or seek a game with
"seek 10 10 w28".  You can also use BlitzIn's Match or Seek
windows and select Shatranj from the menu there.  Already there
have been a number of Shatranj tournaments on ICC.  Watch the
s-shouts for announcements.
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