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ICC News Item #1511

NEWS 1511 (4-May-01)Next Previous
Changes in Correspondence Chess!

Correspondence Chess on the Internet Chess Club is changing
and we want you to be a part of it! There will be more events
that you can choose to participate in as well as the right to
get a correspondence rating. The goal of this program is not
to replace any email chess organization that is on the web
available to you. All play will take place on the ICC through
the correspondence chess system already established here. There
will be a website available to you soon that will be devoted to
correspondence chess in the ICC.

Becoming a member:

Currently, to play correspondence chess on the ICC all you have
to do is be a paid member. With that ICC membership, you are
entitled to join Double Round Robin style Quad tournaments. This
gives you 6 games, 3 as white and 3 as black, and has been the staple
diet for tournament hungry correspondence players on the ICC for
years. This will not change, meaning, membership in the improved
correspondence system will not be required to continue playing quad
events. However, to take advantage of what the new system has to offer
such as a correspondence rating, membership will be required. Membership,
which simply provides the correspondence tournament directors with
information that will better assist you, is free and can be obtained
by filling out the template below and sending it to Folgers at

There are several new accounts created that will be used in this
correspondence program:

  CorrSuggest- For suggestions on improving the correspondence program.
  CorrRating- Will be used for handling rating of correspondence games.
  CorrEvent- Entry into correspondence events will be handled here.

*** Membership Form ***
ICC Name:
Postal Rating (include source: IECC, USCF, etc.):
Standard Rating (if you do not have a postal rating):

Have you ever played correspondence chess in the ICC before (Yes or No)?
Have you read and agree to abide by ICC policies governing atmosphere
and correspondence play (Yes or No)?

What events are you interested in (Yes or No)?
2 game match
Trio match
Class tournament
7-player section
Swiss tournament
Elimination events

For more information, refer to the following help files: correspondence,
cc-event, cc-quad, and cc-rating while logged into the ICC.

If you have any questions on this correspondence program, please send a
message to "Folgers" while logged into the ICC.

Thank you for your continued interest and support of correspondence chess
in the ICC!
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