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ICC News Item #1504

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Thousands played Dos Hermanas, 32 qualify for April 6-7!

The twelve qualifying events of the Dos Hermanas Internet
Tournament on had over 4,000 entries from March
30 to April 4!  Thanks to everyone who made this event a huge
success, including directors, computer busters, and players.

32 players qualified for the knockout rounds, which begin at
3pm ICC time on Friday April 6.  There will be two rounds of
knockouts on Friday, and the final three rounds will be held
starting at noon on Saturday, April 7 to determine the overall
winner.  Be sure to login and watch as the top players on the
internet compete for the more than $4,300 in prizes!

Each knockout match will be two games of 8 2 time control.  In
case of a tie after two games, there will be a single game
playoff in which White gets 5 minutes, Black gets 4 minutes,
but Black wins if the result of the game is a draw.

The 32 players are listed here with their FIDE ratings.  All
qualifiers have FIDE ratings over 2330!  In the first round of
the knockouts, #1 plays #32, #2 plays #31, etc.

 1. GM Alexey Dreev           "Igrok"            2685
 2. GM Zurab Azmaiparashvili  "Azmaiparashvili"  2670
 3. GM Ivan Sokolov           "bonvivant"        2659
 4. GM Sergey Shipov          "Crest"            2640
 5. GM Boris Avrukh           "Contora"          2630
 6. GM Alexander Rustemov     "A-Rustemov"       2620
 7. GM Lev Psakhis            "Psakhis"          2598
 8. GM Sergey Volkov          "Volkov"           2564
 9. IM Daniel Fridman         "D-Fridman"        2559
10. GM Roman Dzindzichashvili "SWM"              2542
11. GM Andrei Shchekachev     "lou-garou"        2537
12. GM Maxim Dlugy            "Dlugy"            2531
13. IM Andrei Rychagov        "ftorodent"        2525
14. GM Levon Aronian          "L-Aronian"        2522
15. GM Victor Mikhalevski     "Visam"            2500
16. IM Diego Adla             "Adla"             2499
17. GM Alexander Stripunsky   "Catinlove"        2495
18. IM Michael Oratovsky      "MadMiki"          2493
19. GM Alexander Finkel       "Guttefin"         2490
20. GM Pablo Zarnicki         "garompon"         2487
21. IM Sergei Krivoshey       "sk99zt"           2483
22. IM Guillermo Soppe        "Aedes"            2474
23. IM Rodrigo Vasquez        "Kastor"           2468
24. IM Nikolai Vlassov        "bazar-wokzal"     2467
25. GM Alexander Kochyev      "Kochyev"          2424
26. IM Renier Gonazalez       "Ninguno"          2423
27.    Genrikh Chepukaitis    "SmartChip"        2417
28. IM Mark Ginsburg          "aries2"           2400
29. IM Guillermo Rey          "ReyF"             2376
30. IM Arkady Shevelev        "SkorpionDefense"  2364
31.    Roman Sergejev         "woodo"            2349
32.    Willy Hendriks         "PrincePanic"      2338
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