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ICC News Item #1498

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Dos Hermanas Internet Tournament, open to everyone! CASH PRIZES! is hosting the second annual Dos Hermanas Tournament,
with over $4,300 in cash prizes and many membership prizes.  Entry
is FREE and everyone can play in the tournament!  Even non-members
may enter, and receive a free month of ICC if they complete the

To enter, you must register at

which has complete rules.  All players must use BlitzIn 2.31 in
their games.  Absolutely no computer-assistance is allowed in this
event.  Non-ICC members who register a account
and complete the tournament will receive a free one-month trial.
Tell all your friends!

There are twelve qualifying tournaments March 30 to April 4,
prior to the beginning of the knockout phase.  Each qualifier is
a 7-round Swiss event with a time control of 8 2.  The twelve
winners of the qualifying events and the top 20 scorers who do
not win will qualify for the 32-player knockout events.
may play in as many or as few qualifying events as you like.

Dates/times of the events:  These are ICC times.  Type "date"
on ICC to compare ICC time with your local time.  Play in one,
two, or all 12 of these qualifiers!

March 30, 1pm   March 30, 7pm   March 31, 1pm   March 31, 7pm
April 1,  2pm    April 1, 8pm   April 2,  2pm   April 2,  8pm
April 3,  2pm    April 3, 8pm   April 4,  2pm   April 4,  8pm

First 2 knockout rounds of 32 and 16:     April 6, 3pm
Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals start:  April 7, Noon

To verify that you are registered, select the tournament from 
the list at


1st- 1,500 Euros (Approximately $1,350)
2nd- 750 Euros (Approximately $675)
3-4- 500 Euros (Approximately $450)
5-8- 200 Euros (Approximately $180)
9-16- 100 Euros (Approximately $90)

The first three non GM-IM members of ICC will receive a free one
year subscription to ICC.  The first three non-members of ICC will
receive a free one year subscription to ICC.

Register now and compete for cash prizes in a tournament with
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