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ICC News Item #1493

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GM Crest retains 1 0 Champion title!

GM Crest retained his 1 0 Championship crown by
by winning the 1 0 Championship on Saturday, 
March 3rd.  Crest won the 12 player round robin event with a 
score of 10/11, his only loss at the hands of third place finisher
MrUnknown.  Second place was captured by VASTA-EDUARDO with a score
of 7/11.  The grid for this event, 108580, maybe viewed on the
Champs web site, or on ICC by typing in "tell flash grid 108580".

FranksWildYears was the Under 2000 section of the 1 0
Championship.  Vid won the Under 1600 section of the
1 0 Championship.  To see the grids of these events while at, type: "tell LittlePer grid 107660" (U1600) or
"tell LittlePer grid 107661" (U2000).

A total of 636 players participated in the 1 0
Championship.  The average turnout during the Qualifiers was 108

The next Championship will be in April.  This will
be a 3 0 time control.  For more details on the
Championship events please either finger Championship while on
ICC or visit the Championship web site at:
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