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ICC News Item #1472

NEWS 1472 (8-Jan-01)Next Previous
The 100K Tomato Celebration Winners

408 players took part in the Celebration of the 100,000th Tomato
tournament on!  Thanks to our many dedicated
tournament managers for running 100,000 tournaments.  Here are
the results and prize winners:

Standard:          1. fpawn;     2. vic-1952; 3. xLars
U1600, Blitz:      1. TripleH;   2. barky;    3. Ankirkes
O1600, Blitz:      1. NetMate;   2. Brainbuster; KomboMan
U1800, Bullet:     1. Rpmuller;  2. KRS1;     3. Bendichiam
O1800, Bullet:     1. SeaHorse;  2. A-Stinishing;
                   =3. Strategist, ElGranCubano
Losers:            1. Folgers;   2. Stymie;   3. GGEM
Crazyhouse:        1. Dajdoji;   2. NavyRDC;  3. prof
Atomic:            1. Kiebitz;   2. playmenow; CalculusGenius

Grand Finale (3 0 Blitz):
=1. theconquerer, DukeNukem
=3. Rocinant, Knut, Mikromurks, onslaught, ME-good
=8. plotkin, bluebird-ace, Ancient, gryla

Class Winners, in Grand Finale:
U2200: =1. Inegrepus, sors, gen98, adiamant
U2000: 1. Levant; =2. StesurBarsa, Mar99Arg, Rookon
U1800: 1. baga; =2. Newbaby2, rovik, cujo31, kolding, marimar,Pinokkio
U1600: 1. Panzerbeer; =2. RookzCrookz, BingCrosby, Lapti
U1400: 1. fizsh; =2. Black-castle, Giro
U1200: 1. emerald; =2. wpsmit, jaymanz, jemerson
U1000: 1. Trunks

To access grids, use tell tomato grid ###### as follows:
Standard -     100828
U1600 Blitz -  100833
O1600 Blitz -  100834
U1800 Bullet - 100836
O1800 Bullet - 100837
Losers -       100838
Crazyhouse -   100839
Atomic -       100840
Grand Finale - 100841

help 100K outlines prizes & prize limitations for those ineligible -
including one prize/player; no free trials eligibility; and best rating
limitations.  No tiebreaks (usually used in Tomato tourneys) for these

help Tomato for information on how you can play in tournaments
every day on
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