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ICC News Item #1469

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Under 1600 Bullet Tournament Series on ICC

The ICC and the Tomato managers will run a bullet tournament series
for players rated under 1600.

The first series of 24 tournaments will be tested on January 6th.
There will be a tournament every hour, opening at 5 minutes past
the hour and starting 15 minutes past the hour, for 24 hours!
Each tournament will be 6 rounds Swiss with a time control of 1 0.

To play, login in to ICC a few minutes before the start, and watch
the s-shouts for the announcements and instructions on how to enter.

After the test run, we will evaluate the success and then perhaps
make it a regularly-scheduled event with prizes.  It all depends
on your participation on January 6!

This information is also available in finger u1600-bullet.
Updates of standings will be shown by typing:
Tell tomato series best (or most) u1600-jan

If you are rated under 1600 and like to play bullet, we invite you
to join us in this test run and help us make it a scheduled event
in the future.
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