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ICC News Item #1460

NEWS 1460 (11-Dec-00)Next Previous Tomato Family Weekly Tourneys 12/4-12/10/00

Winner          Manager      Grid #    Tournament
------          -------      ------    ----------
DaMainMan       BlackHorse   100374    Monday Bullet, 9PM
Goitia          BIRDSMAN     100524    Wednesday Standard, 6PM
Woade           Pappy        100620    Thursday LOL-Marathon part 1
drepsed         Pappy        100621    Thursday LOL-Marathon part 2
livis           TVW          100622    Thursday Thematic 9PM
hidalgo         Beats20Cents 100693    Friday 5-0 Unr, Tomato 8PM
*               brian-e      100749    Sat Team Standard, 12noon
port            BlackHorse   100751    Saturday LOL-Marathon part 1
dam-man         actor        100752    Saturday LOL-Marathon part 2
Sotsky          Roberts-F    100756    Saturday Bullet, 4PM
Fast-B          krakken      100770    Saturday 1200-1800 Blitz, 7PM
ratty           WhiteShadow  100769    Saturday u1200 Blitz, 7PM
na              na           na        Sunday U1800, 3PM
na              na           na        Sunday O1800, 4PM

*Team  Alekhine defeated Team Capablanca 13-11 Tomato Family Daily series
dec-u1500         Nightly Under 1500 2 6 Blitz Tourney 11PM
dec-o1500         Nightly Over 1500 2 6 Blitz Tourney 11PM
dec00weekday      Weekday Blitz Challenge 11:30AM and 1PM
dec-sleepless     Sleepless Nights starting 12:45AM daily Tomato Family Prize series
dec00-team        Weekly TeamStandard Tournament
lol-dec           Monthly LOL Tournament (total)
lol-t-dec         Monthly Thursday LOL Tournament
lol-s-dec         Monthly Saturday LOL Tournament

For series info use Tomato's series commands.  Use "tell tomato series"
for a list of all the commands.  For example, for the jan-u1500 series,
use the command "tell tomato best jan-u1500" to see who is leading the
series or "tell tomato info jan-u1500" for a list of the individual
tournaments in the series.  For more information about a particular
tournament use Tomato's grid command, for example,
"tell tomato grid 57912".

Scheduled tournaments are held daily by Tomato managers. Type
"tell tomato help schedule" for a listing of scheduled tournaments,
or "tell 221 tourn" for current information (there are almost always
tournaments running, scheduled or unscheduled).

Type help tournaments and help tomato for general information, or
type help lol,  help u1500, help Over1500, help thematic,
help weekday, finger SleeplessNights, finger NightlyEvent,
and finger teamstandard for information about particular series.
See also help marathon and help USCFseries.

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