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ICC News Item #1454

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Tomato hosts 100K Celebration!

To mark reaching 100,000 tourneys on since its
inception, Tomato will host the 100K Celebration tourney starting
at 10am server time on Sunday, December 10.  Tomato Celebration
tourneys are the largest tournaments run on
Everyone is welcome to play.  There are no entry fees but there
will be 5 years membership extensions in prizes.

Past Celebrations/Marathons:
Event              Date          Participants
20k Celebration   2/6/98              87
30k Celebration   6/5/98             141
40k Celebration   10/19/98           165
50k Celebration   3/14/99            272
Marathon          6/99               673
Marathon          7/99               689
Marathon          8/99               698
60k Celebration   8/1/99             237
Marathon          9/99               684
Marathon          10/99              699
Marathon          11/99              689
Marathon          12/99              689
Marathon          1/00               772
75k Celebration   2/26/00            336
Marathon          3/00               835
Marathon          5/00               772
Marathon          7/00               823
Decathlon         9/00               393
Marathon          11/00              870

100K Celebration  12/10/00           ????

Help make one of the most popular features to
celebrate a huge milestone.  Be part of the records.
See help 100k for more info.
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