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ICC News Item #1451

NEWS 1451 (28-Nov-00)Next Previous
Heine versus the world!

The Danish Newspaper Politiken has organized a correspondence game on
the internet: Grandmaster Peter Heine Nielsen (2578) [Heine on ICC]
versus the world.  Everybody is welcome to participate.  The game is
played at a rate of roughly one move per day, and is currently on move

So far the game has been a fascinating struggle: Heine's prepared
novelty didn't reach its target, and the world struck first with a new
move - probably getting an advantage straight from the opening - in
one of the sharpest lines of the Najdorf Sicilian (known from Short -

At the moment the position is very unclear but several of the analysts
on the discussion board claim that black (the world) is better.
Everybody is welcome to participate both in the voting and debate at:


Every week Batsford, Pickford & son, Chessbase, and Politiken award a
prize to a participant who leaves his or her email address when
voting.  It is still not to late to join - there is a good chance that
this will be the first time a grandmaster has to admit defeat in an
exhibition match!
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