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ICC News Item #1440

NEWS 1440 (12-Nov-00)Next Previous
ICC Fall Open! $5,000 in CASH prizes!!!

As an ICC member, YOU can play in our Fall Open with Cash prizes!
Everyone can enter, and everyone has a chance to win prizes, because
we have four separate sections, each with their own prizes!  The
first tournament is Saturday November 18 for people rated under 1600.
The next three Saturdays have separate tournaments for Under 2000,
Under 2400, and Open.  The entry fee to compete for prizes of hundreds
of dollars is only $10.  Absolutely no computer assistance is allowed
in these events, and we will be monitoring every game closely.
See all the information below:

Under 1600: Saturday, November 18, 2000, 3PM Server Time (Eastern USA)
Under 2000: Saturday, November 25, 2000, 3PM Server Time (Eastern USA)
Under 2400: Saturday, December  2, 2000, 3PM Server Time (Eastern USA)
     Open:  Saturday, December  9, 2000, 3PM Server Time (Eastern USA)

Format: 8 Round Swiss System Tournament

Time Control: 5 1


  Open Tournament (December 9): $2,000 in prizes!!!

                        1st Place: $700
                        2nd Place: $500
                        3rd Place: $250
                        4th Place: $200
                        5th Place: $100
                        6th Place:  $75
                        7th Place:  $50
                        8th Place:  $50
                        9th Place:  $50
                       10th Place:  $25

  Class Tournaments (November 18, November 25, December 2):
  $1,000 in prizes EACH tournament!

                        1st Place: $400
                        2nd Place: $250
                        3rd Place: $100
                        4th Place:  $75
                        5th Place:  $50
                        6th Place:  $50
                        7th Place:  $50
                        8th Place:  $25

  In the case of a tie, prizes are split equally.

Who can join: All players must be paying ICC members (or have been
granted permanent free accounts by ICC.) All players must use BlitzIn
2.31 interface (or newer, if available) for the duration of the
tournament. All players must never have been "busted" by the ICC
computer detection group.

Class sections: In order to be eligible for a class section, you must
have a Blitz best under the rating limit at the time of entry. For
example, a 1900 Blitz player with a 1980 Blitz best would be eligible
for the U2000, while a 1700 Blitz player with a Blitz best of 2100
would not be eligible.  If this is a duplicate account, we may look at
the Blitz bests of your other accounts to determine eligibility for
class sections.

How to enter: Registration costs $10. GMs play for free. To pay, use
the command 'c-buy' to purchase the chekels. Further information is in
help chekel. Then, once the chekels are purchased, type: 'c-offer
ICCFallOpen 10 Name - Section' replacing name with your REAL name and
section with the section you are playing in (U1600, U2000, U2400 or
Open). For example, 'c-offer ICCFallOpen 10 John Fernandez -
U2400'. You can participate in as many events as your rating qualifies
you for. The registration deadline is 12 NOON Eastern Time, the
Saturday of the tournament! Absolutely NO entries past this time.

Forfeits: Players will be forfeited in the following situations:

  - They do not show up by the end of round 1.

  - If they get disconnected, and do not return by the end of the
    round (or if they are the last game in the round, they get 2
    minutes to return).

  - Players who lag in excess of 3000 ms (3 seconds/move) may be
    forfeited at the tournament director's discretion, if it is
    deemed that that person's lag is delaying the normal course
    of the tournament.

All tournament director decisions are final, and not open to appeal.
Players who do not show up for the event will get their chekels
refunded.  Players who show up and play even one round will not be
eligible for refunds.

Computers: Absolutely no aid from chess-playing programs is
allowed. If ICC management suspects (we do not need to prove)
computer-use, you may be forfeited from the tournament, and you may
lose your ICC membership.

Assistance: You may not receive assistance from other chess players
during your games. You may not have someone else play on your ICC
account for you.  You must have quietplay set to 1. You may not use
multiple logins. Either of these violate the tournament rules and may
result in loss of your ICC membership.

Misc: The ICC and Tournament Director reserve the right to refuse
participation and/or prize eligibility, for any person, for any
reason. The ICC reserves the right to change the format of the
tournament without notice. By registering, you agree to the above
rules, and give ICC the right to use your name in crosstables, press
announcements, and other promotional materials about this tournament.
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