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ICC News Item #1437

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STC Bunch Winners for September

STC Bunch GRAND PRIX WINNERS for the month of September:


won the Grand Prix for the Open Section and the
two month Chessclub.Com membrship extension.


won the U1800 Grand Prix and the one month
Chessclub.Com membrship extension.

Every Sunday, the Slow Time Control Bunch holds a 3 round
Swiss-style tournament at the time control of 45 5.
We meet up in channel 90 at 1 pm server time and generally
finish by 6 pm.  The players are granted Grand Prix points
based on their final position; and at the end of the month,
these are totaled and the STC Bunch Member with the most
points win the above mentioned prizes.  Entry to play is
open to all registered players, however the
prizes are restricted to STC Bunch members only.

Information on the STC Bunch is available at the web-site
address listed in Russ' finger notes.
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