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ICC News Item #1436

NEWS 1436 (14-Oct-00)Next Previous
New records set during Kasparov-Kramnik Game #4!

During today's broadcast of the World Championship,
new records were set on  At one point, 3465 accounts
were logged in, and there were 2215 unique observers of the two
display boards.  Today's game was very exciting, with Kramnik
going up a piece, and seeming to have a number of winning lines
at various points.  But Kasparov pulled out a draw while behind
by a knight and a pawn!  Kramnik still leads the match 2.5-1.5.

For full details on watching the match and the live Grandmaster
analysis on, do news 1433 and finger KK2000.

You can examine the completed games by doing "examine KK2000 %4",
for example, to examine game #4.  Use the arrow keys in Blitzin,
or hit the Enter key to advance through the game.

Transcripts of the Grandmaster analysis board are also available.
Do help KK2000-4 or "mailhelp KK2000-4" to get copies on your
screen or in your email for game 4.  Replace "4" with 1, 2, or 3
for the other completed games.

We hope to see you for the rest of the games, each Sunday, Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday at 10am time (EDT).
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