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ICC News Item #1435

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World Blitz Chess Association on! hosts a WBCA rated event each Saturday at 3pm in
channel 246. The WBCA is a world-wide chess organization run by
GM Walter Browne, known mainly for 5-minute blitz chess.  The WBCA
holds tournaments worldwide and gives ratings to all its members.
The WBCA also publishes the quarterly "Blitz Chess" magazine for
members.  The WBCA has standards for drawn blitz games. For more
information do help WBCA and finger WBCA.

September Winners:

September 2: WYVILL(IM)
September 9: livis
September 16: Zan
September 23: HYPNOTIST
September 30: defendo

Current Leaders* in the July - December 2000 Grand Prix

JMatias (overall)
ARTANIS (Under 2000)
OfficeChamp (Under 1500)

*(Leaders may change with rating returns.)
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