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ICC News Item #1425

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WOLC: Hawkeye -- starts off season with a close victory

On Sunday, 10 September 2000, the World Organization of
Lightning Chess held its 1st event of the 2000-1 season,
on, the "Season OPENer".  Nine players from
Germany, Sweden, Mexico and the USA participated (with an
average rating of 2392!)

After 6 exciting rounds of action, 3-time World
Lightning-Chess Champion, Hawkeye found himself 
a half-point ahead of DukeNukem to take the first
place prize (worth $75 and 30 Grand Prix Points)!
For 2nd, DukeNukem picked up $45 and 25 GPP!  
A half-point back, WhiteHorse was the USA's best
finish, coming in 1/2-point ahead of lhg, each
earning $15 for their outstanding efforts.
[Link to cross-table, stats, and final-
round games of the "Season OPENer" is at: ]

For more info about WOLC, read help WOLC at ICC,
or see
to read about upcoming WOLC events; or, visit
for information about joining the WOLC, or message 
Dr-EL at ICC with questions.  Information about WOLC
GPP is at .
To follow exciting WOLC action at ICC +channel 21.

The next "Week-ENDer" event is on 26 Sep at 16:00 ICC,
with 1st-prize = "$20.00 for 2000" and GPP!  Also,
sign-ups are now being taken for the 2nd Annual 
"Open" Tennis-Lightning-Chess World Championships!
For details about this event (which will run from
October - mid -November), visit the http:// site; and, the
2nd Annual U.S. G/1min. Championships will be held
Nov. 4, 2000, in San Mateo, California (with 1st=$250).
For a flier about this event, or info. about any 
other WOLC matter, e-mail WOLC at 
or message to Dr-EL at ICC.

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