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ICC News Item #1421

NEWS 1421 (8-Sep-00)Next Previous Decathlon September 16.

On Saturday, September 16th, 2000, in honor of the 
Summer Olympics being held in Australia, the Tomato 
family of automated TDs will run an Olympic Decathlon
event.  This event will run instead of the marathon 
normally held.  This event is a 2 day event consisting 
of 5 events on the first day and 5 events the second day. 
As in the Olympics the decathlon measures endurance and
general overall skills. We at wish to do the
same thing over the chessboard to see who has the endurance
and overall skills to become Champion. Main
Manager Silk, (our Australian representative) will have the
honor of starting the Decathlon event on each day. Let the
games begin and enjoy this rare event.

          01) Blitz       2-6   
          02) Wild  w23   3-0
          03) Bullet      1-2
          04) Wild  w25   3-0
          05) Blitz       3-0

          06) Bullet      2-1
          07) Wild  w17   3-1
          08) Blitz       5-0
          09) Bullet      1-0
          10) Standard   15-0

More information can be found in help decathlon.

For more information about the decathlon, please contact Pappy,
Folgers, WilyEcote, or actor on

Thank you and we hope to see you during the decathlon.
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