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ICC News Item #1410

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PlugIns -- Customize and add functionality to Blitzin 2!

If you use Blitzin 2,'s graphical interface for
Windows, you can augment it by adding one or more plugins!  There
are several plugins available:
    Scripter, which makes Blitzin run a set of commands that you've
    prepared in a file. 
    SpeakMove, which does voice synthesis for Blitzin. 
    Logit, which logs games in PGN (Portable Game Notation) form,
    including variations and commentary. 
    WoodIn, which gets your moves from a DGT Electronic Board, and
    also announces the moves out loud. 
    Broadcaster, which gets moves from a PGN file and updates an
    examined game.
    ExtraButtons, which provide an extra toolbar of user-configurable
You can download plugins from:

For more information, including instructions on how to use plugins,
see help plugins or
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