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ICC News Item #1409

NEWS 1409 (12-Aug-00)Next Previous
"play TrainingBot" -- solve and compose chess problems!'s new TrainingBot feature lets you practice chess
problems submitted by other members!  You can type
"play TrainingBot" or click its Seek dot to play it.  For more
details, including instructions on how to submit practice
positions to TrainingBot's database, see help TrainingBot or
There are over 300 problems in TrainingBot's database already,
submitted by over 50 users -- and with your help, that number
will grow rapidly.  You can add positions from your games, or
compose clever chess problems, or add your favorite classic
studies (but please give proper attribution).  The problems are
ranked in difficulty from 1 to 8, where 1-star problems should be
solvable by beginners, and 8-star problems should be challenging
even for Grandmasters!
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