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ICC News Item #1401

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Participate in Survey on Concentration in Chess. invites you to participate in a survey and research
project being conducted by Drs. Mark and Sherman.  Here is their
description of the project:

With the cooperation of the UMBC Chess Team and the ICC, we are
conducting a survey and research project on concentration in chess
players and other mental athletes.  To begin, we would like to estimate
the number of chess players who will participate in promoting the game
of chess to advance mental health, educational and basic cognitive
science objectives. For details visit our Web site (currently under
construction) at, which includes a
questionnaire that we invite you to fill out.

We plan to report the results of the survey to the National Institutes
of Mental Health (NIMH), administrators of schools interested in chess
programs, mental health care providers, and researchers in neuroimaging,
AI (artificial intelligence), and basic neuroscience. The survey data
will allow decision-makers in these various disciplines to estimate the
cooperation they can expect in projects of mutual interest and to
consider the benefits they may be able to extend to cooperating
individuals, the UMBC chess team and ICC.

Dr. Henry J. Mark, Neuropsychologist

Dr. Alan T. Sherman, Faculty Advisor, UMBC Chess Club
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