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ICC News Item #1399

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Live Broadcasts of International Events provides live broadcasts of a large number of
international chess events for members to watch.  Currently
we are broadcasting the Canadian Open, the US Junior Invitational,
and the CCA-Chesswise International.  You can observe the games
and chat with other spectators using the whisper command.

How do you find out about the broadcasts?  They are listed in a
variety of places on  The dates and times are listed
in help event and in help event2.  The libraries of games of
current broadcasts are listed at the top of the help Cool-Libs
file.  You can "finger" the individual library accounts for more
information on the tournament, players, and standings.  During
a broadcast, the games will be listed in the Event Window in
Blitzin.  You can just click on the icon there to watch the game. hopes that the live broadcasts provide exciting
chess and even more value to your membership.
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