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ICC News Item #1384

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WBCA NEWS: Scherzo!

Scherzo won the June 4, 2000 ICC/WBCA event scoring a 8-0! If you would
like to join the WORLD BLITZ CHESS ASSOCIATION, and the weekly events on
ICC, please read the following help files: atmosphere, WBCA, chekels, and
timestamp. Speak with carpathian for more information!

SPECIAL NOTE: Identical prizes to be offered July - December 2000!
              (U2000,instead of U1800!)           

MOST UNDER 1800: 1 YEAR WBCA MEMBERSHIP! Leader: Indian-Speed [50]

 #  Name       Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Rd 7 Rd 8 Rd 9 Total   
1 Scherzo      2115 W5   X--- W4   W2   W7   W6   B--- W8   W3   8.0 (9)  
2 livis        2137 B--- W7   W6   L1   W8   W3   W5   W9   W4   7.0 (8) 
3 ARTANIS      2021 W8   B--- W5   X--- W4   L2   W7   W6   L1   6.0 (7) 
4 Whimsical    1880 W7   W6   L1   W8   L3   W5   X--- B--- L2   5.0 (6) 
5 Caian        1336 L1   W8   L3   B--- X--- L4   L2   W7   W6   4.0 (5) 
6 Fiesta-Chess 1461 X--- L4   L2   W7   B--- L1   W8   L3   L5   3.0 (4) 
7 Buxx         1367 L4   L2   B--- L6   L1   W8   L3   L5   X--- 2.0 (3) 
8 Tabstop      1063 L3   L5   W9   L4   L2   L7   L6   L1   B--- 1.0 (2) 
9 Indian-Speed 1534 F--- F--- L8   F--- F--- B--- F--- L2   F--- 0.0 (1) 
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