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ICC News Item #1382

NEWS 1382 (6-Jun-00)Next Previous
June Standard Tournament Signup, and May Prize winners.

The June Standard Tournament begins Tuesday, June 6 on
The entry deadline is 11pm Sunday, June 4.  You play one standard
time-control game each Tuesday, with a time control of 60 0.  You
can choose to play in the 2pm, 8pm or 11pm sections.  Top finishers
receive prizes of ICC membership extensions.

Type help STtourney on for the rules and how to
enter.  You enter by sending the message described in the help
file to the STtourney or STtourneyEurope accounts.

Prizes for the May event:

Section/Category      Winners                     Prizes
2pm Open/Overall      GeneralAnthony              2 months
         U2000        laurentchess, Lux           2 weeks each
         U1500        deej                        1 month
8pm Open/Overall      fishism, DonnaLisa          1 month each
         U2000        hairball, clerc             2 weeks each
         U1500        sawduster                   1 month
11pm Open/Overall     Caduceo                     2 months
         U2000        Oscar                       1 month
         U1500        DuaneWilliams, schroeder,   2 weeks each
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