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ICC News Item #1365

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New Event Window in Blitzin!

The new version of Blitzin (2.28 and higher) has an Event Window
that shows current events.  It's a convenient way
to know what's going on right now!  Some of the items that are
listed in the window are Tomato tournaments that you can join,
simuls, lectures, and the top 3 GM/IM games you can observe.
Events are updated dynamically.

Each event in the window has one or more icons for Joining,
Watching, or Information.  You just click on an icon.

The Event Window will appear on your screen the first time you
run Blitzin 2.28.  If you close the Event Window, it won't appear
again unless you select "Event List" from the "Window" menu.

For those without Blitzin, the "events" command lists the same
events as the Event Window, but without the convenient icons for
getting information, watching, or joining.
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