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ICC News Item #1364

NEWS 1364 (24-Apr-00)Next Previous
Crazyhouse Ratings has added a crazyhouse rating, separate from
the bughouse rating.  This was one of the most popular suggestions
from ICC members.  The crazyhouse ratings will be started from
scratch.  Your bughouse (wild 24) rating will remain the same, but
will no longer be affected by crazyhouse (wild 23) games.  Crazyhouse
ratings will show in the "finger" command as soon as you play
a rated crazyhouse game, which you can do by typing "seek w23".

"z" is the flag for crazyhouse in the who and games command.  For
example, "games *z" will list all the crazyhouse games currently
being played.  "who z" will list people by their crazyhouse rating.
By the way, there is also a similar flag "L" for Losers chess now.

"best w" and "wildrank" now have columns for crazyhouse.

Crazyhouse is a game in which you can use the pieces you have
captured as your own pieces, by placing them on the board.
help crazyhouse has all the details.
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