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ICC News Item #1360

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Rebel vs. GM Smyslov, Live! 8am April 15. will present a game between Former World Champion
Vassily Smyslov and the computer program Rebel Century at 8am
EDT Saturday April 15.  "follow Rebel-1" to watch and whisper
comments with the other spectators.

Here is more information from the Rebel web page at

"Move transmission via the Internet Chess Club who kindly sponsors
the match.  The game can be followed live on the Internet Chess Club 
and the Rebel Home page 

Prize money for GM Smyslov: 
$1500 in case GM Smyslov wins the match. 
$1000 in case Rebel is able to draw or win. 

Hardware and Software for Rebel: 
Latest version of Rebel Century 1.2b 
Latest Jeroen Noomen opening book. 
Athlon 1000 Mhz, 256 Mb. 


The time control is 40 moves in 2 hours and then one hour for the
rest of the game so a game can not take longer than 6 hours.  Move
transmission via the Internet Chess Club.  The arbiter for Rebel is
Enrique Irazoqui former chief editor of the "Computer Chess Reports"
magazine.  To ensure fair play the Rebel arbiter is send the Rebel
version before the game is started and the arbiter will check all
moves played by Rebel. Another (second) arbiter is installed at the
place of Vassily Smyslov, the normal rules apply." 
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