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ICC News Item #1349

NEWS 1349 (22-Mar-00)Next Previous
HAWKEYE 3-peats as Lightning World Champion!

Before a crowd of observers nearly 200-strong,
2-time Lightning-Chess World Champion Roland "Hawkeye" Schmaltz
(of Germany) successfully defended his "Crown" in the 2000 WOLC
Lightning-Chess World Championships.  Battling against a
17-year-old GM from Spain, "Tack," the two traded the first 8
games, and drew #9.  Then Hawkeye went on a 5-game tear, bringing
the score to 9.5-4.5 in the best of 20-games match.  "Tack" managed 
a final win before Hawkeye finished the match, with a score of
10.5-5.5.  All games from the finals (and semis and quarters) can
be found at in "liblist LCWC2000" finger LCWC2000
for URLs to tourney . websites.  All games from the 2000 WOLC
Lightning-Chess World Championships will be published in the next
issue of the WOLC newsletter (due out in June).

The next WOLC event at will be the "Week-ENDer #12,"
to be held Sunday, 26 Mar at 3pm time.  This will
be the last WOLC event of the first half of our first season.
First prize will be "$20.00 for 2000" + 5GPP; 2nd prize is one
freemonth in WOLC (more prizes if >10 enter).  

For more info about WOLC, read help WOLC at,
or visit to read about
upcoming WOLC events, or for
information about joining the WOLC, or message Dr-EL at with questions.
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