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ICC News Item #1340

NEWS 1340 (7-Mar-00)Next Previous
IM Vassili wins Tomato 75K Celebration tourney!

On February 26, The Tomato 75K Celebration broke the record for the
largest tournament ever run on by attracting 336 players.
This event was managed by Tortonpion with the assistance of
several Main Managers and Super Users.

IM Vassili (2524) won this event with an impressive 11-1 score.  His
only defeat was at the hands of Caulo (2530) in the 10th round.
Vassili rebounded from losing his perfect mark to defeat FM Vikingo
(2504) and DukeNukem (2404) in the final two rounds to secure first
place.  Vassili's victims also included the next two finishers,
walloud (2508) and maradona (2612).

walloud took second place with 10.5 points in 12 rounds.  He could
have tied for first with Vassili with a final round win, but he drew
maradona in the final round.  maradona finished in third place with
9.5 points ahead on tiebreaks over Templeman and zfdfsdf.  

Congratulations to the prize winners.

1st - 6 months - Vassili
2nd - 3 months - walloud
3rd - 2 months - maradona
4th - 1 month  - Tempelman

Class Prizes (1 month, 0.5 month & 0.5 month)

Under2200:            Under2000:
1st vic-1952          1st Fishman
2nd Jesus             2nd stany
3rd Suksoi            3rd HACMORK

Under1800:            Under1600:
1st Timbo             1st henk
2nd TheBestRock       2nd schrat
3rd hpling            3rd Queensryche

Under1400:            Under1200:
1st Kaiser1459        1st apollo13
2nd RoughRider69      2nd trapman
3rd chasty            3rd yuandy

To see the grid of this event, type: "tell tomato grid 75316" or
mail it to yourself with the command
"tell tomato mailgrid 75316 <your email address>"
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