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ICC News Item #1333

NEWS 1333 (29-Feb-00)Next Previous
OZ.COM Qualifier on! and are proud to sponsor the most lavish open prize
tournament ever held on the internet!

Date:          Sunday, March 5, 2000, 1PM Server Time (Eastern USA) 

Format:        9 Round Swiss System Tournament for FIDE-rated players.

Time Control:  5 5 

Prizes:        1st Place: An all inclusive trip to Reykjavik Iceland,
               March 31st to April 3rd 2000, and the participation in a
               speed chess tournament with GM Garry Kasparov, GM
               Viswanathan Anand, GM Jan Timman, GM Viktor Kortchnoi, GM
               Ivan Sokolov, and 6 Icelandic GMs on April 1-2. Plus

               2nd Place: $700 
               3rd Place: $500 
               4th Place: $300 
               5th Place: $200 
               6th Place: $100 
               7th Place: $100 
               8th Place: $100 

               In the case of a tie for 1st place, a tiebreaker of 5 5 to
               declare a sole winner will take place immediately after
               the tournament. All other ties will result in equal
               sharing of the prize money.

Who can join:  All players must be paying ICC members (or have been
               granted permanent free accounts by ICC.)  All players must
               be rated on the January 2000 FIDE rating list.  All
               players must use BlitzIn 2.27 interface (or newer, if
               available) for the duration of the tournament.  All
               players must never, have been "busted" by the ICC computer
               detection group.

How to enter:  Registration is free.  Just send an e-mail to the
               tournament director,, with your
               Real Name, ICC Handle and FIDE rating.  The registration
               deadline is 12 NOON Eastern Time, Saturday March 4, 2000!
               Absolutely NO entries past this date.

Computers:     Absolutely no aid from computer-playing programs is allowed. If
               ICC management suspects (we do not need to prove)
               computer-use, you may be forfeited from the tournament,
               and you may lose your ICC membership.

Assistance:    You may not receive assistance from other chess players during
               your games. You may not have someone else play on your ICC
               account for you.  Either of these violate not only the
               tournament rules, but also the ICC user agreement, and may
               result in banning from the ICC.

Misc:          The ICC and Tournament Director reserve the right to
               refuse participation and/or prize eligibility, for any
               person, for any reason.

               The Organization reserves the right to change the format
               of the tournament without notice.

               By registering, you give ICC the right to use your name in
               crosstables, press announcements, and other promotional
               materials about this tournament.
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