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ICC News Item #1329

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Tomato hosts 75K Celebration!

To mark reaching 75,000 tourneys on since its
inception, Tomato will host the 75K Celebration tourney at 3pm
server time on Saturday, February 26.  The Tomato Celebration
tourneys are the largest tournaments run on  The 50K
Celebration was the largest tournament with 272 players.  With your
help, we hope to break that record and surpass 300 players this time.

Everyone is welcome to play.  There are no entry fees but there will
be 2 years membership extension in prizes.  Free trial members may
participate in the 75K Celebration, but they are not eligible to win
any prizes.

1st    6 months
2nd    3 months
3rd    2 months
4th    1 month
U2200  1 month - 0.5 month - 0.5 month
U2000  1 month - 0.5 month - 0.5 month
U1800  1 month - 0.5 month - 0.5 month
U1600  1 month - 0.5 month - 0.5 month
U1400  1 month - 0.5 month - 0.5 month
U1200  1 month - 0.5 month - 0.5 month

The tournament will be a 12 round, 5 0 swiss and will be held on
the Tomato bot in channel 46.  No pre-registration is required.
Just show up in channel 46 while the tournament is open and type:
"tell Tomato join !"  For general information on Tomato tourneys
and how they work, read help Tomato.

For more information and to see some special rules for the 75K
Celebration tourney, please see finger Celebration.  We hope to
see you there!!
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