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ICC News Item #1325

NEWS 1325 (13-Feb-00)Next Previous database has over one million games!

The database of games on now has over one million
games!  These games were played by the top players on,
and are available online for all members to
review and study.  Games are currently added to the database if
one of the players has a GM, IM, or WGM title and the game is not
a bullet game.  Games are also added if both players are rated 
2300 or higher and the time control is longer than 3 0.

You can use the "search" command to list specific games in the
database, and the "examine" command to play over the moves of
the game.  For example, to list all games played between GM Dlugy
and GM NDShort, you would type "search Dlugy NDShort".  Then type
"examine 5" to play over game 5 on the list.  Hit the "Enter" key
to advance each move.

help search gives more information on how to search for specific
openings, games where Black wins, etc.

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