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ICC News Item #1323

NEWS 1323 (9-Feb-00)Next Previous

Hawkeye won the WOLC's "Week-ENDer #9" event held February, 6,
2000, in channel 21 at ICC, with a score of 14/15.  There were 8 players
(with an avg. ratg. of 2441!!!) from Germany, Spain, Sweden, Norway
and the USA participating.  For his efforts, Hawkeye won $20 and
5GPP (to bring his total to 35 GPP for the season, just 5 out of 1st 
place).  For information of upcoming WOLC events visit .  To learn more about the WOLC,
read help wolc at ICC, e-mail questions to or
message to Dr-EL at ICC.  For information about joining the WOLC, 
Presently, the WOLC is also hosting the 3rd Annual 1 0 World
Championships.  We have just entered Round 3, the final 16.
For information about the 1 0 World Championships, visit (and to see the pairings
for this event, visit ).  Also,
+ch 21 at ICC to see match-scores during matches courtesy of
the WOLC "MatchBot."
The next WOLC "Week-ENDer" event at ICC will be the
"Week-ENDer #10" to be held Sunday, February 27 at 
16H00 icc time (21H00 gmt).  For all of 2000, 1st prize will be
"20.00 for 2000" for the Week-ENDer series; and, at least 5GPP.
[For info about the WOLC GPP race, visit the site at .]  The 2nd prize is 1-free 
month in WOLC -- but when more than 10 enter, prizes increase!!!
Lastly, for future notice, the WOLC will conduct the California
State OTB 1 0 Championships on Saturday, June 17, 2000
(over $400 in cash and prizes to be awarded at this OTB event).
Message Dr-EL at ICC for details if you want to receive a flier
or more information.  
Hope to see you in future WOLC tournaments, for the best,
competitive 1 0 ("Lightning-Chess") chess in the world!
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