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ICC News Item #1300

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MAN vs. MACHINE! GM Scherbakov - Rebel, Jan 8.

Grandmaster Ruslan Scherbakov will play the computer program Rebel
Century on the Internet Chess Club at 10am ICC time (1500 GMT) on
Saturday January 8.  Eveyone is welcome to watch the game.  

This one of the "Monthly GM Challenges" sponsored by Rebel. The game
will be at tournament time controls (120 5 with 60 minutes added
after move 40).  The GM will receive $500 from Rebel if he wins, $250
if he draws, and nothing if he loses.

finger Rebel-1 on ICC for more info about the match.

More information about Rebel and the Monthly GM Challenge can be
found at .  Rebel is programmed by Ed Schroder,
and will be playing on an AMD 600 Mhz, 128Mb.  Rebel will be employing
its "anti-GM" technology.
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