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ICC News Item #1299

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WBCA NEWS: livis! 1 Year ICC Membership Prize!

livis won easily the Video Tape Prize! Many Thanks to WBCA Berkeley for
making this prize available... But this is not the end of prize point
accumulations! Beginning in January 2000, and lasting through all ICC/WBCA
events of June 2000, the person with the most "prize points" will win a 1
year ICC membership extension! More! For the most prize points scored in
the under 1800 category, the prize will be a 1 year WBCA membership
Prize points will be accumulated as follows. If 9 players enter an event,
then the winner gets 9 prize points, second place gets 8 prize points, and
so on down to last place who gets 1 prize point. In the event of ties, then
the finish places will be totaled and divided among those tied. For example
a 3-way tie for first in a 10 player event means that the total points for
the first three places are added up and divided evenly among all three
players (10+9+8= 27/3 = 9 prize points per player accumulated).

Register early EACH WEEK by leaving carpathian a message ("join
<date>").Join the best blitz event --> on Earth <-- each Saturday in
channel 246!

December 26, 1999 results:  NEW
Name                        Rtng   #   1  2  3  4 Total
livis                       2065   1|  X  2  2  2   6.0
Stoshu                      1945   2|  0  X  2  #   3.5
Clever                      1624   3|  0  0  X  0   0.0
carpathian                  1780   4|  0    2  X   2.5
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