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ICC News Item #1292

NEWS 1292 (13-Dec-99)Next Previous
ICC Gift Certificates! A great holiday present!

The ICC will be happy to send a membership gift package to anybody
you like.  The package can include any the following item that you

  (1)  A gift certificate for a one year membership
  (2)  A Christmas card, with a greeting from you
  (3)  A short ICC user's manual
  (4)  A disk containing the ICC's BlitzIn interface

The package is $49.  To order your package, message the following
information to Poollady on ICC or send email to

Please include the name and address of the recipient, and which of the
items above you want included in the package.  (For a current ICC member
please include the handle name).  Also include your preferred method of
payment.  To pay with chekels (read help chekels) issue the ICC command:

          c-offer poollady 49 gift membership for Billy Bean

You can also order by phone by calling ICC at (412) 521-5553 or send a
check to the ICC at 1722 Murray Avenue, Third Floor, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

If the gift recipient is a student and qualifies for the ICC student
discount by sending in proof of student status after registering
(see help discount), he/she will receive a 2-year membership.
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