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ICC News Item #1281

NEWS 1281 (14-Nov-99)Next Previous

The World Organization of Lightning-Chess (WOLC, at set a new, unofficial
internet record for average rating of participants in an open
event (surpassing by more than 200 points the "old record" set at
the "WOLC Season Opener" (12-sep), of 2269) during the 7-nov-99
"Week-ENDer #4" event, where the field averaged a 2496 rating!
and included 2, reigning LC World Champions  (2-time LCWC Hawkeye
and "Closed" TLC Champion terra)!   There were 6 who competed in
the round-robin, 3 games/round event, which was won by Hawkeye
with a score of 13.5/15 (just surpassing his 13/15 1st-place
performance in the pre-season-kick-off event, which had 18
participants). For his victory, Hawkeye earned $15 and 5-GPP
(WOLC, Grand-Prix points -- for details about the WOLC Grand
Prix, see ).
For his 2nd-place finish, terra earned $10. 
     The "Week-ENDer" is a biweekly series, with 1st-prize
offering of 1-freemonth at ICC (generously donated by ICC) --
money prizes for life-members -- and 2nd-place prize of 1-freemonth
in the WOLC (more prizes when >10 participants).  Other upcoming
WOLC events include the 3rd Ann. World 1 Minute Championships
(starting in January, 2000), where 2-time reigning World
Lightning-Chess Champion, Hawkeye, will be going for a 3-peat! 
Details at include
some rules, event schedule, prizes and entry form.  To see the
complete listing of upcoming WOLC events, visit .
    WOLC events are open to all WOLC members (to see a list of
WOLC ratings go to
Information about joining the WOLC can be found at or read help wolc at
ICC.  Annual membership is $10USD (or pay 15 chekels at icc --
read help chekel at ICC. BUT, for one more week, receive special
2-chekel discount if you sign up before 21-nov-99 through ICC...
only 13 chekels!).  Members receive 2 semi-annual league
newsletters, free participation to most WOLC/ICC events, ratings
posted on website & in semi-annual publications, and discounts to
WOLC OTB events.  For any questions about WOLC events, joining,
how to send donations or sponsor an event, send e-mail to or send a mesage at ICC to Dr-EL.
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