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ICC News Item #1278

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Fischer-Random League and Tournaments on ICC!

The Internet Chess Club has a Fischer-Random Chess League, and is now
offering tournaments.  help Fischer-random on the ICC explains this
chess variant, and how to play it on ICC (wild 22).

The league is being organized by ICC member "PopeJohn", and the web
site for the league is

The first League Tournament was played on November 1, and had one
GM (Bradidik), one IM (Brianange), and one WGM (evbad) among the

The next tournament is open to all players, and will take place on
Wednesday, November 10 at 6pm ICC time (EST, 11pm GMT).  It will be
a 5-round Swiss event with a time control of 4 2, held in channel
223 using the WildOne tournament robot.  No advance entry is needed,
just show up.  We expect one or more Grandmasters to play!

For more info on the Fischer-random League and the tournaments, check
the web page or message PopeJohn on ICC.
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