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ICC News Item #1277

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Get your ICC Tshirt now!

Get your Internet Chess Club Tshirt now!  A great shirt to wear at
tournaments, and a great way to meet or find other ICC members!

The shirts have a large ICC logo in blue and black on the back, and a
smaller logo on the front.  They are 50% cotton, 50% polyester, and
come in L, XL, XXL, XXXL sizes.  (Better quality than the ones you
may have seen a couple years ago).

The prices are $12 per shirt, plus $4 postage for each 2 shirts.
So the total cost is:

1 shirt:  $16
2 shirts: $28
3 shirts: $44
4 shirts: $56

Prices include all shipping and handling costs.  We use first class mail
inside the US, Canada, and Mexico.  We use surface mail to other countries.
If you would like airmail to other countries, please add $3 per shirt.

How to order:

1) Buy with chekels!  First, buy chekels with your credit card by
typing "c-buy" on ICC.  Then offer the chekels to PoolLady.  For example,
to buy one XL shirt, type this:

    c-offer PoolLady 16 One XL Tshirt

You must also send a message with your postal address.  For example:

    mess PoolLady My address is Porky Pig, 123 Main St, Dallas, TX 75240 

2) Mail a check or money order to ICC, 1722 Murray Avenue, 3rd floor,
Pittsburgh, PA 15217.  Include your postal mailing address, the
sizes of the shirts, and your ICC handle.

3) Credit card payment:  You may FAX, phone, or postal mail your credit
card information.  You must include the number of shirts, sizes, total
price, card number, expiration date, card name and billing address,
phone number, ICC handle, and the address you want the shirts mailed to.
FAX: (412) 521-5575.  Phone: (412) 521-5553.
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