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ICC News Item #1274

NEWS 1274 (29-Oct-99)Next Previous Grandmaster Challenge! Morozevich-Svidler Nov 6 and the Internet Chess Club will host a Grandmaster
Challenge Match between two of the top players in the world
at 3pm ICC time (EST, 8pm GMT) on Saturday November 6!  $400
in prizes will be awarded, $300 to the winner and $100 to the
loser ($200 to each in case of a tie).

FIDE #4 (2758) Grandmaster Alexander Morozevich
       (ICC handle A-Morozevich)


FIDE #13 (2684) Grandmaster Peter Svidler
       (ICC handle p-svidler)

The match will be two games of 30 0 time control (30 minutes,
no increment).  All ICC members are welcome to watch and whisper
comments with other spectators.
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