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ICC News Item #1272

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ICC Correspondence Olympiad! Sign up now.

Represent your country in the Internet Chess Club Correspondence
Olympiad!  Teams of 8 players from a country will participate, using
the ICC Correspondence Chess System described in help correspondence.
Any ICC member is welcome to play and help their country win the title!

There will be a preliminary round and a final round.  In the first
round, teams will be put into groups of 9.  You will play one game
against the player on the same board number on each of the other teams
(8 games total).  Time control is 10 moves in 30 days.  The top 2
teams in each group will advance to the final round for the
championship.  The tournament may last as long as one year, so please
sign up only if you can take part for a year.  No assistance from
computer programs or other people is allowed.

The entry deadline is November 14, 1999.  You must have an established
ICC standard or blitz rating to enter.  Free trial accounts may not
enter.  Send a message to the CC-Olympiad account on ICC.  For example,
if you are from France, type:

   message CC-Olympiad France

finger CC-Olympiad to see the current number of players per country.

More details:

There can be more than one team from each country.  Extra players will
be put on "international" ICC teams.  For example, if 18 players from
Italy sign up, there will be Italy1 and Italy2 teams of 8 players
each, and the last two people to sign up will be placed on teams such
as ICC1, ICC2, etc.  If only 5 people from Italy sign up, they will
all be placed on ICC teams.

In case of ties for second place in a group, the lower-rated team
advances to the finals.  At least 9 teams will be in the finals.
Third-place teams in a group may be used if needed to fill in spaces,
lower-rated teams having priority.

Board numbers on teams are assigned according to established ICC
standard rating, or established ICC blitz rating if no standard rating.

Prizes will be given, based on the number of entries.  Entry is free.

For questions, message the CC-Olympiad account.
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