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ICC News Item #1271

NEWS 1271 (29-Oct-99)Next Previous
LIVE COVERAGE European Chess Club matches October 29-31

Update October 29:  The web site for this event did not provide
moves.  So ICC will not be able to have live broadcasts.  The games
will still be available in the library of ECC99 when we can obtain
the games.

The ICC will broadcast games from the European Chess Club matches on
October 29-31.  Final matches of the European Chess Club are from
Bugojno, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Eight teams have qualified.  Each
match has 6 boards.   Round 1 is Friday 8:30 AM EDT, Round 2
Saturday 8 AM EDT, and Round 3 Sunday 8 AM EST.

finger ECC99 for more information about the ICC broadcasts.

The official site is .

Team                             top players 
-----                            -----------
Panfox Breda Holland             Timman, Van Wely
Bosna Sarajevo                   Bareev Topalov
Sankt Petersberg Russia          Khalifman Svidler
Sibir Tomsk Russia               Morozevich Pigusov
Beer Sheva Israel                Huzman Golod
Agrouniverzal Beograd Yugoslavia Kramnik Gelfand
Kieseljak Bosnia and Herzegovina Azmaiparashvili Nikolic
Elitzur Petach Tikva Israel      Smirin Yudasin
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