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ICC News Item #1258

NEWS 1258 (27-Sep-99)Next Previous
WBCA NEWS: DrTarrasch! Video Tape Prize!

DrTarrasch won the September 18 ICC/WBCA event scoring 6.5-0.5! Players
entered this event from Norway, Sweden, Turkey, and the USA. If you would
like to join the WORLD BLITZ CHESS ASSOCIATION, and the events on ICC,
please read: help WBCA, help WBCAmatch, help chekels, "help
timestamp", help transfer, and help atmosphere. We would welcome
donations of ICC time as prizes (one month increments preferred)! If you
would like to donate ICC months for prizes, or you know someone who might,
please leave a message to carpathian.

SPECIAL NOTE: The WBCA has donated a video tape to this event, and will be
awarded to the player who scores the most points in the November and
December 1999 ICC/WBCA events! The winner may choose one tape of either
GM Karpov, GM Browne, or GM Shirov! Points are scored in games played only,
unless a bye is assigned to a player with no opponent (Half point byes for
late entries do NOT count!)

 #  Name          Rtng  Rd 1 Rd 2  Rd 3  Rd 4  Rd 5  Rd 6  Rd 7 Total   
1   DrTarrasch    2094  W7   W3    W2    W5    W6    W8    D4   6.5  
2   livis         2002  W4   D5    L1    W3    W7    W6    W8   5.5  
3   PrometheusII  1816  W8   L1    W5    L2    W4    W7    W6   5.0  
4   carpathian    1716  L2   D6    D8    W7    L3    W5    D1   3.5  
5   DK            1624  W6   D2    L3    L1    W8    L4    L7   2.5  
6   Deadline      1725  L5   D4    W7    D8    L1    L2    L3   2.0  
7   Crowned-King  1681  L1   W8    L6    L4    L2    L3    W5   2.0  
8   Hakujinshogi  1338  L3   L7    D4    D6    L5    L1    L2   1.0  
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