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ICC News Item #1243

NEWS 1243 (12-Aug-99)Next Previous
Get free ICC membership months!

The Internet Chess Club will award two free months of membership
to your account for each new member you get to join the ICC.
Ask your friends to put your ICC handle on their registration
when they register at, or when they type
"register" online.  You will get the award when they pay a
membership fee.  You can see the details of the FreeMonths offer
by typing help FreeMonths on the ICC.

There is a special bonus of two extra months if you get three
or more people to join during 1999.  help FreeMonths lists
the 54 people who are on the 1999 Honor Roll.

You can also get the awards by putting a special tracking link
to the ICC on your web page.  help web on the ICC explains how
to do that.  For example, if your ICC handle is "Fred", you
would make the link point to "".
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