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ICC News Item #1234

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Broadcast of FIDE World Championships on ICC!

The Internet Chess Club has obtained exclusive rebroadcast rights
for the FIDE World Championships, which will take place in Las
Vegas, Nevada, USA from July 31 to August 29.  Dozens of the
world's top Grandmasters will compete in elimination rounds to
determine the FIDE Champion.

The ICC will be showing up to four games at a time.  The ICC
will also be presenting live Grandmaster commentary for a number
of the games.  The games and commentary are for the benefit of
ICC members only.  Sorry, guests will not be able to watch.

Games will begin at 6pm ICC time (that's EDT, or 10pm GMT).  For
the latest information on watching the games, type

      finger FIDE

when you are logged into the ICC.  For more details about the
championships, check out the official web site at
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