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ICC News Item #1217

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ICC Grandmaster Fights #2 - GM Invitation

The Internet Chess Club will hold the second Grandmaster Fights
Tournament on Sunday July 25 at 3pm EDT (7pm GMT) with $500 in
prizes.  The tournament will be a double round robin with four
players and a time control of Game/15.

The first Grandmaster Fights Tournament was directed by John
Fernandez on the ICC on May 23, and was won by GM Svidler (2713)
over GMs Piket (2619), Sutovsky (2612), and Annakov (2600).
The average FIDE rating was 2636, which would be a FIDE category
16 event.  Prizes will be the same in the next tournament:
$250, $100, $100, and $50.

The ICC is extending a public invitation to Grandmasters to 
request entry into the July 25 tournament.  Four players and
two alternates will be selected according to the highest FIDE
ratings on the January 1999 FIDE rating list.  The entry
deadline is June 30.  To request entry, please send your
real name, ICC handle, and email address to

If you don't have an ICC handle, we give free accounts to 
all GMs and IMs who provide proof of identity by FAX or
snail mail.  You can register a free trial account on our
web page, and follow the directions given at 

The Internet Chess Club
(412) 688-3251
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