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ICC News Item #1211

NEWS 1211 (8-Jun-99)Next Previous
Watch the US Amateur Championsip Playoff, June 12.

The Internet Chess Club will host the US Amateur Championship
Playoff again this year, on June 12.  The winners of the USCF's
regional contests will play a round robin tournament to determine
the Champions in both a Championship section and a Reserve 

The three rounds will be at noon, 4pm, and 7pm ICC time (EDT time)
on Saturday June 12.  Time control will be Game/60.  You can see
the official rules by typing help USAmateur99 on the ICC.

The players, and their handles, are:

Championship section:

AmEast      Peter Irwin
AmWest      Ann Marie Rosas
AmNorth     Ronald Williams
AmSouth     Russ Wilson

Reserve Section:

AmRsvEast   Tun-Kai Yang
AmRsvWest   Edgardo Espiritu
AmRsvNorth  Corneil Young
AmRsvSouth  Scott Ramer
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